What’s in it for me, thinking seems to be a thing. Yet for a very large majority, they have no choice in the matter when certain accommodations are needed. Handicap parking is the biggest one. Wonder what you might hear from someone just “borrowing” the spot?

parking excuses

If it were a choice to be disabled or not, you gotta believe many would choose not to. But it is not a choice. No excuse is good enough to take something that rightfully belongs to someone else.

Before even pulling in, think a moment not about the privilege someone else has, but the struggles society has placed on others. Think about ways we can actually remove more barriers, not create new ones.

There is so much to life than to worry about what other people have. Think about those who actually have less than you. If you don’t currently have a disability, count your blessings. One day you might get one. Then some person is parking in the one space you NEEDED and they just say, I’ll be quick.

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