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I actually get told the following a lot; “It’s hard to keep up with you, you don’t let any grass grow under your feet.” Not sure why I would want to stay in one place long enough for grass to actually grow under my feet, but I do keep active. Life is about experiencing. I’m not sure if the comment is because I do a lot of things or if it is I do a lot of things in spite of having a physical disability.

Either way, I look at it as there is so, so much to do and see that I don’t want to stop and waste a minute pondering should I or shouldn’t I. I like this blog post, 101 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest. It talks about doing things. One of the things I might skip on the list is making a bucket list. Why waste time, again, making a list and just go and do it.

The weather, here in Wisconsin has been temperate the last two summers. Most days not even a lot of humidity. So I’ve been on the go, doing the things that interest me. I’ll take my friend Darrell along or others.

While I do actually do some planning, checking to see if some place I want to go is fairly accessible, I just go. I find those willing to help when I need it, if I need it. Or I plunge out on my own. If there is a barrier, I go around it. If there is a bridge, I’ll cross it. Not much stops me, nor should it. So many wonderful things to see or experience while living life.

Society may not create equal access for all, but I create my own access. If you’ve read my newspaper columns and blogs over the years, sorry if I may have tired you out with all of my adventures. I’m not tired yet and still going.

Living life has it’s challenges, but each of us, myself included, can get through them. Or around them. But one thing we shouldn’t do, and I certainly don’t, is let anything get in the way of where you want to go.

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