The power of Disability poster.

Disability – It’s a word that has a deeper meaning.

Forget everything you’ve heard or read. The word disability is far from having a negative influence. Even though the dictionary calls it being unable to perform a given task, ready yourself to be intellectually challenged. The way to find out its true meaning is to dig into each letter that forms the word. Disability is so powerful don’t get rolled over.

The first letter is D, which stands for Determination. Picture a baby so set on reaching out to pick up a block. The willpower and determination can be seen on the baby’s face. There are many challenges to living with a disability, but no other word best describes the drive of purpose to reach a goal.

I cannot see any word but Intensity that fits within. The brightness of this word shines from the soul of people with disabilities. Because of the varying degrees of challenges, one may encounter the amount of energy output can be much greater than someone without the challenge. Intensity is its own force to behold.

Strength: the property of being physically or mentally strong. The steady and sureness of living with a disability are unchanging. The strength and determination of the soul can carry any challenge. With obstacles in the way, the strength of character outweighs many a situation.

Talk about a businessperson on the rise, you might think of them as having ambition. The challenge to succeed in daily tasks is the Ambition you will see in a person with a disability. Having succeeded in already surpassing expectations with completing small tasks leads to the motivation to do more, to reach for more. Look at the joy in any person competing in Special Olympics. Ambition brought them there.

As we grow and develop we strive to act and function independently. This goal of Being is part of each of us. Because of some dependence, people with disabilities will drive harder to come into their own being. Even with support, someone can lead a very independent lifestyle.

Given the right situation, people with disabilities become inspirations to others. This is very easy to understand, given that Inspiration is the wakening of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity. Internally, a person with a disability is taking new ideas and putting them to good use combating a challenge before them. Finishing a task in itself is sometimes an inspiration to others. If she can do it, maybe I can too.

To survive an accident or simply to live beyond expectations is what some people with disabilities do. This is what will cause some to be quite Lively. To beat the odds is a driving force to live each day with as much energy and zest for being. Creating, dreaming, motivating, and living life the way it is meant to be lived by everyone.

Today there are much more tools and resources available to people with disabilities. This would not be possible without the creative minds of those living with disabilities. Imaginative describes the inventive ideas that are thought up daily. No one knows better the challenges of living with a disability than those living the life. So it is this creative group of people whom constantly create new means for doing things. People without disabilities are using many of these same tools and resources just because it makes their life easier too. If you don’t believe me, do a search on the Internet about Lydia O’Leary and the invention of makeup.

A persistent drive is necessary to stay motivated and achieve success. Tenacity is the teeth that can bite into any situation or challenge. I’ve heard someone say, in reference to someone with a disability, “That person has a lot of chutzpah to do what he does.” The tenacity to stand up to any challenge cannot be handled by just anyone, so when a person with a disability shows his or her persistent determination it is much more than just accomplishing a task.

Each of these letters has so much to offer. Why end here? People with disabilities have a Yearning to do more. The creative strengths within drive them to conquer new and interesting challenges. The heart of people with disabilities is not to inspire; it is to show the imaginative qualities we all possess. The ambition of each being is to be independent and also to live within each day as it comes. Disability is not a limitation by any means. Disability is a powerhouse of determination waiting to be discovered, employed, and accepted. Don’t get rolled over by someone with a disability.

The poster is a way to remind yourself or others the deeper meaning of Disability.

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