I heard something shocking recently. A family has a special needs son, whom is growing and needs a new wheelchair. Medicaid thinks his current wheelchair should last him several more years, despite his body getting bigger. They even said, just carry him around the stores.


A Health Solutions company stated, his going out of the house is optional.


Their website even states this:

If they are improving the quality of care, but state, nah, he doesn’t need to leave the house, what real solutions are they offering any of their clients in regards to quality of care?


Temple said it best, “There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.”

Yes, care costs money. Heck, just raising a child, disability or not, costs money. A business that is suppose to be helping in these situations should be helping. If not, they should change their mission statement and shutter their doors. “Helping is optional.” Should be their new motto.


Have you seen stories like this?

Let’s work to change the system and the mindset of those who are not realizing that their next child or a relative could be born with a disability. Or they could get a disability at any moment in life. Would they, if in place of the boy, like it if someone said, leaving the house is optional?

(SMH – Shake My Head)

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