There are so many different mobility devices available. Just to give you an idea, check out 1800wheelchair.

Wheelchair Maintanence

Maintanence is super important with wheelchairs. Especially if you are limited in getting new ones by Mericare/Medicaid.

Casual wiping and cleaning daily is important. You can usually do minor tweaks at home with the proper tools like an allen wrech, screw driver, and tire pump. Don’t forget to have at least an annual check up with your durable medical provider to make sure everything is running smooth. The last thing you need is to have those wheels you rely on for freedom, to break down and leave you stranded. Make sure to have a cell phone with you at all times as well, just in case.

Recycling Wheelchairs

Getting a new wheelchair is great and exciting, yet what do you do with the old one. It may be tattered and worn, but it can still have use to it. The Wheelchair Recycling Program here in Wisconsin is a perfect place to donate it. They take old wheelchairs, clean and repair them and sell them to others who can not afford new, or in situations where the insurance won’t cover them.

Wheelchair Recycling Program started with the idea of helping other countries, but soon found a great need here in Wisconsin. When I find links for other states, I will add them into the Dialog area.

Wheels for Humanity is another company that handles recycled wheelchairs and sends them to other countries. No matter where you want your wheelchair to go, someone else can benefit greatly from your help.

If there is no reclycling program in your area, consider contacting a local non-profit/charity near you, or a local church to see if they may know of a resource or even a person locally that may need a wheelchair.

Wheelchair Parking

Another almost needed item is a notice about a wheelchair ramp. A lot of vehicles have dark tinted windows. So by looking, a person may not know a ramp is in there, or if a slide out, they would not know. Even if you park in a handicap parking space does not mean some, ill-thinking person, won’t park super close to your vehicle.

This wheelchair parking sticker has helped many assist a little in letting people know, hey, don’t park so close. It’s not for us to assume someone knows right from wrong, but we can at least, proactively, let them know there is a need for space.

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